Overhaul / retrofit

Machine overhaul

Original quality from the machine manufacturer


Benefit from our machine retrofitting and the fixed price offer including shipping and commissioning:

  • Professional disassembly, cleaning, installation and restoration of geometry
  • Replacement or overhaul of the mechanical components
  • Remedy of wear-related loss of precision
  • The value of your machine can be preserved
  • High productivity can be guaranteed
  • Acceptance report according to company standard
  • Temporary rental machines available
  • 12 months warranty

Machine upon arrival

Machine upon disassembly

Machine upon delivery

Spindle overhaul

We restore your spindle back to life! 

You’ll receive an overhaul of original INDEX spindles at a fair price. We only use genuine INDEX spare parts and precision spindle bearings.
We treat your used spindle like an entirely new spindle and of course carry out the same standard tests as for new spindles. 

Reduce downtime in your production: Overhauled and repaired replacement spindles are available to you ex stock.

In addition to fine balancing of the spindle and running the grease distribution cycle, we also carry out the following measurements as part of a spindle overhaul:

  • Spindle rigidity 
  • Axial and radial balance
  • Axial and radial runouts

Spindle drum overhaul for multi-spindle machine

Clever savings through our package deals! Simply get in touch with us.


The drum overhaul package consists of:

  • 6x work spindle
  • 6x clamping cylinder
  • 6x clamping tube
  • 6x oil supply
  • 6x connection cable
  • 1x TRO indexing gearbox

Software & control retrofitting

Control upgrade for INDEX turning machines:
Upgrade your machine to a modern and powerful control, for example, Siemens S840C Siemens to Siemens S840D PowerLine and SolutionLine, and benefit from a competitive advantage due to higher productivity thanks to the dynamic package.

INDEX and TRAUB software upgrades are also possible through our Teleservice.
Bring your software, machine data and cycles to the latest state-of-the-art technology and improve your cycle times for maximum profit.


We are happy to advise you on the possibilities for your used turning machine.